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Network Marketing is a global 190 + Billion Dollar industry; it is not a ‘deal’ nor a ‘get rich scheme’.  It is a viable, affordable way to start a business from home to create additional income and take advantage of the many tax breaks our government allows.  It requires a very little cash investment to start, no overhead to speak of, and can be worked on a flexible part-time or full-time basis.  It is a democratic, equal-opportunity business, and perfect for people who like helping other people.  


One of the reasons why there is such a boom in home-based businesses is that one-to-one, word of mouth communication is still the best way to share information.  Thanks to sophisticated technology we can discuss product essentials over coffee in Vancouver and Shanghai at the same time, and receive deliveries quickly and efficiently thanks to our company’s sophisticated infrastructure to transport products to 51+ countries world-wide.


Working from home can be a personally satisfying way to live.  We all want quality of life where we not only expect to make a decent living, but we also expect to have the best possible experience of doing it.  When you treat your home-based business like the profession it is, everyone has a realistic opportunity to earn residual income.  People who dabble in it and treat it like a hobby, do not succeed.


As a member of our business team you will be guided and supported in your professional business development by experienced and successful entrepreneurs.  You will make new friends who are all going in the same direction as you are, sharing the same core values as you do about pro-active health and earning passive income.


What if you checked us out?  We welcome your questions and coffee is on us.


The emerging industries of wellness and network marketing are combining to create today’s-and tomorrow’s-new wealth.”

 - Paul Zane Pilzer, world-renowned economist, professor, entrepreneur, author and predictor of economic catalysts and trends.