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Business in China ...

China is poised to be the world leader in e-commerce with giants like Alibaba in the forefront.  According to the latest Direct Selling stats on Billion Dollar Markets, China has had a 22.5% 3 year compound annual growth rate.

It is safe to say that the number of online shoppers in China has been increasing exponentially over the past few years, with more people shopping on line than the total number of people living in the US.  Social media platforms like WeChat are leveraging their customer base to enter the e commerce business and so is Zija / Isagenix


Zija / Isagenix International has provided a user-friendly E-Commerce platform - Zmall - for citizens in China to purchase a wide-range of products.  A Coupon Code is required to allow individuals to purchase at wholesale prices which we will provide to interested individuals.  The Authorized Retailer Platform is limited to registered products only.

Both the Zmall E-Commerce and the Authorized Retailer platform complies with China’s regulations, including custom duties | taxes being paid to the Chinese Government.


If you are interested to learn more on how to tap into the limitless financial potential of this market, please contact us so we can share with you the specifics of  Zija’s / Isagenix China E-Commerce Operations.   


To your success !


Ron & Maggie