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Products We Wouldn't Be Without ...

XanGo's Patented Mangosteen Juice

The first and only product in the world that features the whole fruit puree of the exotic mangosteen. The mangosteen is an extraordinary source of xanthones and powerful antioxidants with a host of beneficial properties.  



Core Moringa Prime combines key ingredients that are rich in nitrates, which help the body activate and support natural optimal levels of nitric oxide and deliver oxygen to your muscles, tissues and organs.


Moringa SuperMix

SuperMix is an easy-to-open packet that you can add to water for a dose of pure nutrition – even on the go! SuperMix is packed with even more Moringa than our original SmartMix, so you’ll get an extra boost of 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and more!



Two-Minute Miracle

2 Minute Miracle Gel is a clinically proven 7-in-1 multitasking topical antioxidant that features Mangosteen.  This powerful yet gentle gel dramatically renews the look of skin as it cleanses, tones, exfoliates, hydrates, brightens, and minimizes the appearance of pore and primes the skin -- all in just 2 minutes!

Pericarp Oil

The non-grease and luxuriously lightweight GenM Mangosteen Pericarp Oil delivers antioxidant-rich, concentrated molecules of nourishing xanthones to the skin.  It replenishes deep hydration to the skin while boosting the appearance of its firmness


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