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Xango and Xango Reserve FAQ

First published July 17, 2020, on


What are Xango and Xango Reserve?

Xango® is the original mangosteen dietary supplement that captures the refreshing, sweet, tangy flavor and natural color of the mangosteen fruit. Xango is intended to provide your body with the benefits mangosteen offers with added support from other fruit ingredients.

Xango Reserve has the same benefits as the original Xango. However, Xango Reserve is crafted to deliver more mangosteen per serving, providing an incredibly rich, complex flavor.

Both Xango and Xango Reserve deliver distinctive satisfaction and superior wellness through naturally occurring phytonutrients.

When should I use Xango and Xango Reserve?

You can consume Xango and Xango Reserve at any time during the day. Xango Reserve is ideal for special occasions and celebrations where it’s sure to impress.

Where does the name Xango come from?

Xango derives its name from two words. “Xan” comes from “xanthones,” and “go” comes from “mangosteen.”

What are xanthones?

Xanthones are powerful, biologically active compounds — known as phytonutrients — found within the mangosteen plant.

Can you consume Xango and Xango Reserve together?

Yes, you can enjoy the benefits of mangosteen from Xango and Xango Reserve together.

Where does the mangosteen fruit come from?

The mangosteen fruit is native to Southeast Asia and is the national fruit of Thailand. This delicate fruit only grows in an ultratropical environment. Enthusiasts of the mangosteen have attempted to grow it elsewhere and have only had limited success in Australia and parts of South America and the Caribbean.

What are the ingredients in Xango?

Xango and Xango Reserve are made from a puree of the whole mangosteen fruit that includes the rind, pulp, and seeds. Natural fruit juices are included to round off the flavor and provide additional phytonutrient support, creating Xango’s unique and delicious taste.

Are Xango and Xango Reserve Cleanse Day approved?

Yes! You may enjoy Xango and Xango Reserve on Cleanse Days. One serving is 1 Cleanse Credit.

What sweeteners are used in Xango and Xango Reserve?

Both Xango and Xango Reserve are sweetened naturally with fruit juices.

Who can enjoy Xango and Xango Reserve?

Xango and Xango Reserve can be enjoyed by anyone ages 4 and older.

Can I use Xango or Xango Reserve if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

Both Xango and Xango Reserve are made with mangosteen fruit puree and fruit juices. It’s generally suggested that you discuss dietary supplement use with your healthcare provider. While dietary supplements can provide fast and easy nutritional support, it’s always best to make sure they’re appropriate for both mother and baby during this important stage.

How can I incorporate Xango and Xango Reserve into an Isagenix System?

Xango and Xango Reserve easily complement an Isagenix System by providing daily phytonutrient benefits. Xango and Xango Reserve can be enjoyed on their own or combined with other products to fit into your daily routine.

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