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The word ‘retirement’ was something neither one of us ever really embraced. Our careers in teaching and policing were about serving on various levels so having a home-based business that provides a valuable service and an additional income was a choice we naturally gravitated to. Since 2004 we have been providing our clients with safe, clean and efficacious products that are as remarkable as the science and the brand behind them. 

Ron enjoys taking courses related to fitness, anti-aging and nutrition when he is not writing articles on his own or volunteering at the Kids Play Foundation. And then there is Slow Pitch Baseball, the N.Y.Y. and of course staying fit.

I love the outdoors, and you can find me most mornings walking trails in our Community Forest which is not far from our doorstep. I love taking photographs and thanks to our business my camera and I have traveled to more places in the world than I could have ever imagined. A good book is always within reach when it’s time to relax or learn something new.

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Ron & Maggie Gale
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